Tanuki Shōchū&Apron Gift Set

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This Tanuki gift set combines taste and pragmatism with our unique Rice Shōchū and a hand-made Japanese styled half-apron. Our Rice Shōchū is gently wrapped and ready to be enjoyed on ice or with some soda water and citrus. Our apron is styled to the Japanese ‘Maekake’ aprons and made from robust cotton fabric to use in a variety of work environments. There is limited stock available.

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Our Rice Shōchū was made in partnership with New Harbour Distillery and is avialable in a 750ml bottle with an ABV of 30%.
Our Tanuki apron is hand-made by Mariam, a local Capetonian farbics wiz. It is made from a robust denim cotton and a wrap-around cotton strap. The print include the following test in both English and Japanese: “Tanuki Shōchū”, “Fall down 7 times, get up 8”.

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